Results Through Relevance


Marketers deserve to have ads appear near great content.

Consumers appreciate relevant, well-timed messages.

Publishers should be rewarded for creating quality experiences.

All companies can benefit from a rich, real-time understanding
of what’s actually being written, watched and read online.


We’re completely transparent. We’ll show you the sites and pages you’ll run on: before, during and after a campaign.

Our understanding of mindsets and consumer intent lets us reach consumers at valuable moments, when they’re highly receptive.

We match and score each page custom for each campaign, breaking free from categories, channels and fixed taxonomies.

We identify trending topics in real-time, and activate against them: buying ads on relevant pages people are buzzing about.

We provide actionable insights to help brands optimize creative strategy and better understand what motivates their consumers.

We can build interactive experiences to drive additional engagement, marrying the right message to the right page.

What it Means to Brands, Agencies & Data Companies:


Discover new consumers.

We identify new audiences, new websites and new conversations for marketers to join – without relying on tired cookies and audience segments.

Relevancy at scale.

We secure powerful and effective placements, aligning your client’s message with the most influential, authentic and relevant content online.

Actionable Intelligence.

We empower agencies to have more meaningful conversations with brands, providing strategic insights far more sophisticated than click-throughs.

Peace of mind.

We ensure brand-safe executions without waste, buying off a strict whitelist and offering complete control over the pages and sites we buy for you.


Monthly Impressions

Unique Monthly Users

Premium Websites


  • 1. Objectives

    We begin by understanding your goals, using that signal to filter our view of what’s being written — and actually read — on the web.

  • 2. Insights

    That gives us unique insights about relevant content — what consumers are reading and watching, and what topics motivate them.

  • 3. Content Targets

    We use those insights to develop a set of powerful, custom Content Targets, which pinpoint highly effective pages and videos.

  • 4. Optimize

    We buy media programmatically and study performance — optimizing based on which pages, videos and websites perform best.


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