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BuzzLogic Changes Name to Twelvefold Media


San Francisco, Calif. (November 3, 2011)—BuzzLogic, an online media company that specializes in emotive-based advertising, announced today that it has changed its name to Twelvefold Media.

The word “twelvefold” (signifying a substantial increase in size, degree or amount) centers upon Spectrum, the company’s recently launched, emotive-based online advertising platform. Spectrum identifies and understands the influence of content at a page level—versus the site or category level—on millions of pages scored based on relevance to a brand’s campaign goals. The system then executes real-time bids upon the most influential URLs at scale—be it hundreds or millions of URLs.

“BuzzLogic was a name that reflected more of who we were years ago and not today, which created some misunderstanding in the marketplace,” said Twelvefold CEO Dave Hills. “With the launch of Spectrum, we felt it was time for a fresh start, and began looking for a name that best exemplifies who and what we are today.”

Twelvefold is the only emotive-based media company that helps brands target, reach and persuade engaged audiences by delivering the right ad, in the right place at the right time to the most motivated customers in the right mindset. Twelvefold creates customized digital media packages with proprietary technology that utilizes emotive-based targeting at the page level and real-time bidding—at scale and without cookies—to achive superior results and insights for brands and advertisers.

The company has also renamed its suite of products that comprise Spectrum:

Twelvefold Touch (formerly BuzzRoll) delivers relevant, custom advertising experiences to brands and consumers and, for the first time, the ability to match creative to the emotional connection made between a piece of content and a reader.

Twelvefold Studies (formerly BuzzStudies) measures the impact of media within specific content, as it relates to individual brand objectives. Delivered in-unit and focused to 4-6 questions, Twelvefold Studies measure the lift in message recall, brand preference, purchase intent, or other key brand metrics.

Twelvefold Insights (formerly BuzzInsights) provides research and content target building aligned to brand objectives for campaign planning, campaign launch and optimization.

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