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Twelvefold Media Appoints Four New Vice Presidents


SAN FRANCISCO– (December 15, 2011)—Twelvefold Media, an emotive-based media company that helps brands target, reach and persuade engaged audiences, has promoted four former directors to Vice President positions responsible for overseeing product, West Coast sales, engineering and revenue optimization.

The appointments include Julia Briggs Parsons to Vice President, Product; Chris Verzello to Vice President Sales, West Coast; Milena Talavera, Vice President, Engineering, and Brian Mcallister, Vice President, Revenue Optimization.

“We’ve chosen to promote these four individuals to VPs based on their knowledge, contributions and dedication demonstrated during their tenure at Twelvefold Media,” said CEO Dave Hills. “Collectively they helped drive the development of our new tech platform Spectrum, and continuously deliver exceptional results for our clients.”


Julia Briggs Parsons, Vice President, Product

In her role as Vice President of Product, Briggs Parsons will grow Twelvefold’s focus on the applicaiton of new digital advertising technology with ongoing product development. Parsons will also help the company to expand its understanding of digital content and the impact on advertising.

Chris Verzello, Vice President Sales, West Coast

Verzello, as Vice President of Sales, West Coast, is responsible for driving brand solutions for all West Coast based-agencies and clients, and manages a highly experienced, media savvy team in San Francisco and Santa Monica.

Milena Talavera, Vice President, Engineering

Talavera, the new Vice President of Engineering, leads a team of talented and dedicated engineers and ensures that Twelvefold’s technology enhancements are scalable, fast and on time.

Brian Mcallister, Vice President, Revenue Optimization

Mcallister, the Vice President of Revenue Optimization, uses Twelvefold technologies to maximize ad spends in every campaign. He helps Twelvefold develop strategies that keep the company on the forefront of online media performance.


About Twelvefold Media

Twelvefold Media is the only emotive-based media company that helps brands target, reach and persuade engaged audiences by delivering the right ad, in the right place at the right time to the most motivated customers in the right mindset. Twelvefold creates customized digital media packages with proprietary technology that utilizes emotive-based targeting at the page level and real-time bidding—at scale and without cookies—to achieve superior results and insights for brands and advertisers.

Twelvefold’s clientele includes Kraft, Toyota, Best Buy, Microsoft, and Starbucks. The company is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. For more information, visit:, and


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